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We develop software, incubate companies, and generate and analyze big data.

Startups engage us to build proof of concepts for fundraising. Big companies use our CaseZero platform and our data scientists to gain rapid data insights within 21 days.

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Game changing insights in three weeks

CaseZero is a rapid deployment data intelligence platform, providing insights to any of your company’s current challenges, at a fraction of the cost and time compared to competitors. Our product is deployable within a day, and within three weeks, will provide at least one data insight worth more than the cost of the deployment.

CaseZero team members are experts of data visualization, big data infrastructure and behavioral economics. We've built major infrastructure and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for companies like TrueCar, WolframAlpha, IAC, DemandMedia, Business.com, GrindMedia, Experian and more.

Give us just three weeks and we'll provide you with insight worth at least the cost of implementation. Three weeks - that's not a typo.


We invent and incubate companies.

Our ideas become products and companies. We work in art, data, software, hardware, sports, and education.



Athleet makes it super easy to capture your sports moments and turn them into cards. Incubated at Fabric, Athleet is in closed beta testing with high school students in Los Angeles.



This EdTech startup has been incubated at Fabric for the past year. Lola is now in beta testing in elementary schools in Los Angeles.


The White Knight

We’re excited to be working on advanced technology for mobile grow systems. In addition to R&D, we’re helping The White Knight grow by adding funding and marketing.

NY Knicks & Rangers

NY Knicks & Rangers

The Knicks and Rangers apps give fans instant access to exclusive team news, photo galleries and videos. Get live-scores pre and post game coverage, team and player stats, schedules and standings. This was a complex technical execution with multiple API integrations for geo-fencing, ticketing, real-time-data, and high volume media delivery.



It is no secret that Tablets will be used as key learning tools by kids worldwide. In 2013, Pearson hired Fabric to help build the new Common Core software platform for K12. Fabric’s team worked on the interactive content and games for Math and English and our game designers were challenged with connecting learning mechanics and pedagogy to engaging game play.



Fanswell connects artists and fans to book live music outside of bars and clubs. Fabric’s design and engineering team helped nurture Fanswell from napkin to product. We’re proud to say that Fanswell was successfully incubated at Fabric and has been growing steadily since the in-house team came online.


We are technologists, product developers, artists and scientists. Located in Los Angeles, California and around the world.

Erlend Wilhelmsen

CEO, Partner

Erlend came to California from Norway in 1997 and started a company within a year of arriving in Los Angeles. He now has 15+ years of experience leading work with Pearson Education, IKEA, Redbull and years of experience incubating startups at Fabric. He has led product, design, and engineering teams on more than 100 projects over the past fifteen years and is the co-creator of Card Labs. “I’m a builder focused on inventing a better future for our kids. That’s why I work in health, sports, wearables, and education.”

Clayton Kjos

CTO, Partner

Clayton is a “make-betterer,” an editor and a critic who emphasizes pride in one’s work. He rocks technology’s socks off, then on again all while taking your products to 11, because he can. His focus is on a system level with a passion for health and education. For over a decade, he’s been helping companies like Pearson, IKEA and Hachette deliver outstanding technical products.

Michael Jung

Michael makes things happen, big or small. Prior to Fabric, he held senior product management and design roles at Evite, Citysearch, and Business.com.

Russell Foltz-Smith

Russ was the GM and SVP, Data Products at TrueCar. He oversaw the creation and operation of the data platform, the industry's leading automotive marketplace intelligence system. Prior to TrueCar, Russ held product, business and technical leadership positions focused on large scale search and computational platforms at Wolfram Alpha, InterActiveCorp/IAC, Grind Networks and Business.com. He has launched several startups and helped venture firms evaluate new technologies and startups.

Serge Madenian

Serge takes ideas and turns them into tech products. He has worked in both startups and large institutions, building back-end and large-scale systems. Recently he was head of the Data Intelligence group at TrueCar, where he oversaw the creation of business critical systems, such as vehicle pricing, using big data. Prior to TrueCar, Serge helped ICANN manage the new gTLD application process. He also led the emerging business department of Core Objects (acquired by Symphony Services) where he architected the roll out of multiple startups.

Robert Yang

Robert has worked in three distinct creative industries - architecture, video games, and web development. The common thread across all three is building projects that require the integration of art and design with technology.

Tom Paradis

Tom has spent his career in data, working as an analyst, BI team leader, and product manager. Previously, he designed and built data and analysis products for NYSE and NSDAQ listed companies including Sungard and Demand Media. He has his MBA from IU’s Kelley School of Business.

Rick Hurvitz

Rick Hurvitz is a co-founder & Executive Producer of Breakfast Anytime, Inc. and Over Easy Productions, Inc. He has been producing content in multiple forms as creator and executive producer for programming on NBC, ABC, MTV, HGTV, and others, including hits such as Pimp My Ride and Rent or Buy.